My practice is concerned with how we experience space, the psychology of urban landscape, and the personification of architectural space.

My recent work considers the relationship between filmic stills and memory. I am interested in the idea of the city as text to be read and interpreted, containing many layers of meaning. I am concerned with the psychology of space in terms of one of projection. I use images of the mundane to suggest psychological presence, and am interested in how such space can be a way to re engage with the familiar.

I am influenced by Kevin Lynch’s notion that we don’t live in the city as such but in the picture we have built of it, through experiencing the city as simultaneously real, imagined and remembered.

Victor Burgin speaks of the complexity of the overlay of all types of media on our experience of the urban:
‘The city in our actual experience is at the same time an actual existing physical environment, and a city in a novel, a film, a photograph, a city seen on television, a city in a comic strip, a city in a pie chart and so on.’

My interests are also the history of a place and the marks and memories associated with a place. ‘The city … does not tell its past, but contains it like the lines of a hand.’ Italo Calvino